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Welcome to Fleamarket, Budapest!

The weekend is Flea market time. Everyone, who likes to take a walk in a sunny morning can have a good time in the flea market situated in the area of the Petofi Csarnok. The Flea Market has grown into a small city with a life of its own. Come and explore our colourful alleys and treasure-laden corridors. You'll find an enormous variety of collectibles... arts, crafts, comic books, belt buckles, jewellery, and more. You'll see a huge selection of second-hand clothing, walking shoes, fine furniture, and an enormous collection of dolls of any size and colour made out of porcelain, plastic, and rag. You can time travel by walking trough the alleys filled with antique jars, bottles, scales and tin solders. You can also stay in the present and find the most modern kitchen appliances. The market doesn't only offer used items. The prices vary from one hundred forints to the more pricey items like fancy brand watches, jewelleries and stamp collections.

Enjoy freshly prepared Hungarian specialities ("lacipecsenye") from numerous stands and dozens of snack carts. You will find cold beer in summer and hot, savoured wine in winter.

One can spend a glorious morning in this unique spot of Budapest, one of Hungary's touristic sites.

Children under 14 enter FREE!
*The stadium retains the right to change the schedule at any given point!
Address: XIV district, Zichy Mihaly u. 14.

Trolleybus: number 70 Kossuth ter- Erzsebet kiralyne utja
Number 72 Arany Janos utca - Thokoly ut
Number 74 Karoly ut - Csaktornya park

Tram: number 1 Becsi ut - Salgotarjani ut
Metro: M1 Mexikoi ut - Vorosmarty ter

From railway stations:
West: trolleybus number 72
East: bus number 7,173, to Hungaria krt, change to tram number 1 or trolleybus number 72 to Erzsebet kiralyne
South: M2 Metro to Kossuth ter, change to trolleybus number 70 to Erzsebet kiralyne

Bolhapiac team: (+36) 70/630-4979